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Annual Maintenance is the best thing that you can do for your furnace. It allows your equipment to work at peak efficiency and a well maintained system experiences fewer costly breakdowns. Energy costs will be lower when your furnace is working well and your heating system will run years longer. We always inspect for carbon monoxide concerns and advise you of potential problems, as well as how to protect yourself and your family. Best of all, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your furnace is ready of another Calgary heating season.  
Emergency Furnace Repairs Is the heat off in your house? Hearing funny noises? If you have a problem with your furnace, our journeyman gasfitters are available to provide complete repair services. Ongoing training and many years of experience ensures that our technicians are able to diagnose and repair your problem and get the heat on quickly.  Don’t freeze any longer.
Programmable Thermostats function as any other thermostat, with the exception that you can use them to automatically reduce the house temperature when you are away from the house or sleeping at night. Save up to 2% on your heating bill for every 1C you lower your stat. Heating costs rise substantially for every degree above 20C so look for ways to keep the temperature down and save money.  
Humidifiers are an important part of your heating system because with proper humidity your whole house will feel more comfortable. Humidity is defined as the amount of moisture in the air. In our Calgary winters, your furnace runs for many months, drying the air every time it comes on. Low humidity has at least three effects on humans. It dries out your skin and mucous membranes resulting in chapped lips, dry itchy skin and a dry, sore throat when you get up in the morning. Low humidity also dries out plants and furniture. It increases static electricity and most people dislike getting zapped every time they touch something metallic. As well, it makes it seem colder than it really is, since humid air feels warmer than dry air.  Since it is cheaper to humidify air than to heat it, a humidifier allows you to set your thermostat lower and still be comfortable.  We can help you service or repair your existing humidifier, or install a new unit for you.

Gas Fireplace Service is another service we offer to get your home ready for winter so that you can enjoy cozy evenings beside your fireplace. A journeyman gasfitter will inspect the components of your fireplace, including the gas system, gas controls, and burners. He will test for gas leaks and make necessary repairs, as well as ensuring that all venting is intact and safe. We can even help you with the dirty job of cleaning the glass. 


Air Quality In an effort to conserve energy and reduce heating costs, we can make our homes too air tight. As a result, air pollution can often be worse inside your home than it is on the outside.  Air borne pollutants can be biological (mold, bacteria, viruses, mites, pollen and animal dander), building materials (carpets, furnishings, construction materials and paint), cleaning products, combustion sources (gas appliances, wood burning stoves or fireplaces), hobby products, tobacco smoke, and pesticides.

    • Farr pleated air filters
    • These are a good choice because they have a greater surface area and the media fibers are much closer together to do a better job of trapping air borne particles. As well, this filter has a welded wire grid backing to support the filter media, making the whole filter more rigid and less likely to buckle.

    • Electronic air cleaners
    • These state of the art devices can trap much smaller particles than regular furnace filters and are especially useful in allergy situations. This type of filter is permanently installed and requires regular washing.

      • Ultraviolet Germicidal Lights

        have been used for many years in hospitals to decrease micro-organisms and also for water purification. This technology is now available for residential use. When UV light hits a microbe cell, it penetrates the cell, preventing the micro-organism from reproducing, and ultimately they die. When mounted in your air duct system, high density UV light effectively destroys micro-organisms that pass by the bulb, including viruses, bacteria and mold. A UV light may help if you suffer from frequent colds and flu, or respiratory allergies.

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