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 The 20 best strategies for saving on energy costs fall into one of two categories  - reduce the amount of energy you use and/or

                  - prevent the heat in your home from escaping

1.   Book an annual furnace tune-up.  Fuel bills can rise by 10-15% if the equipment is functioning in-efficiently so call us to save money.

2.  Change furnace filters regularly because a dirty filter blocks air flow through the furnace and makes the furnace run longer, using more energy than necessary. If your house is hard to heat, check your filters.

3.  Use a programmable thermostat to automatically decrease the temperature when you are away from the house or sleeping.

4.  Use a good humidifier to increase humidity in your house. Humid air feels warmer so you can turn down the thermostat and still be comfortable. We can help you if your humidifier needs servicing or repairs.

5.  At night, close your drapes  to decrease the heat loss through the windows. Open the drapes during the day in the winter and allow the sun to help heat your home. 

6.  Clear area around air registers. Move boxes, furniture, clothes and books to allow for un-obstructed air flow near hot air registers and cold air returns.

 7 Add auxiliary heat. Instead of heating the whole house, add auxiliary heat in the rooms you spend most of your time. There are many low costs heaters available, and electric fireplaces, which are economical to run, are a good way to add heat and character.

8.  Put on a sweater or dress in layers.  Add an electric blanket or other bedding to stay cozy at night.

9.  Repair weather stripping. Research shows that the typical Canadian home has cracks and leaks equivalent to an 8x10 inch hole in the wall. Caulking around doors and windows will help keep out drafts, as will weather-stripping on doors and opening windows.

10.  Check your attic insulation and make sure that it is adequate. Insufficient insulation allows the heat to escape through the ceiling and means your furnace runs more.

11.  Check the dampers on wood-burning fireplaces and make sure they are closing properly when you are not using the fireplace.

12.  Use foam gaskets in light switches and electrical sockets to increase the insulation value in the wall.


13.  Get rid of old appliances that use much more energy than the new ones.  Do you really need that old beer fridge that costs so much to run? Look for the Energy Star symbol when you buy new appliances.

14.  Replace old toilets with 6 liter/flush units to save up to 70% of the water used.

15.  Install energy efficient shower heads to decrease the amount of water used without affecting water pressure.

16.  Fix dripping taps and leaking toilets to decrease water waste.

17.  Wash only full loads of clothes to conserve water and clean your 

dryer lint filter before every load. Wash only full loads in your dishwasher.

18.  Hit the switch! Turn off all lights that are not being used.

19.  Save 1/3 the water by showering instead of filling a tub with water.

20.  Turn off all electronics that have LED lights when they are not in use.   Even if you have them in a sleep mode,  as long as the LEDs are on, the unit is using energy.

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